Message from the Comptroller

Comptroller of customs Raju BodduRaju Boddu

I am delighted to extend a hearty welcome to the home page of Customs and Excise Department of Antigua and Barbuda. We have embarked upon a programme of reform to efficiently and effectively execute our mandate of securing revenues, ensuring border security, passenger and trade facilitation. (more)


ASYCUDA stands for Automated System for Customs Data. ASYCUDA has evolved over three generations ASYCUDA World being the latest update.

The ASYCUDA World system makes use of cutting edge ITC technologies – including e-signature, biometrics, XML, to provide Governments and in particular Customs Administrations with new tools able to make dramatic improvements in the areas of security, trade efficiency and fight against corruption. ASYCUDA World means even greater tax revenue collection and lower transaction costs making it a showcase for e-government.