Importers wishing to import plants, plant parts, plant products, seeds or other such regulated items into Antigua and Barbuda, must have an Application for Import Permit from the Ministry of Agriculture at least TWO weeks prior to consignment order.

The Permit must state:

  • Country of origin, name and address of importer, name of produce, quantity and weight, mode of transport and expected date of arrival.
  • All agricultural produce imported must be accompanied by a Phytosanitary Certificate from the country of origin of produce.
  • All produce MUST BE INSPECTED upon arrival by the plant quarantine inspector.
  • The plant quarantine inspector reserves the right to reject or accept the produce based on its condition.
  • All imported produce must be pest and disease free, and free from soil.

Importers wishing to import fruits and vegetables into Antigua and Barbuda must first obtain a phytosanitary certificate from said country. A permit is necessary to import cut flowers, planting material, and all types of fruits and vegetable in large quantities (in containers) from the Plant Quarantine office within the Ministry of Agriculture.

The importation of fruits and vegetable varies for each Country; this is because of the different diseases in different countries.

Currently only commercial imports of Bananas and Plantains can be imported in Antigua and Barbuda. These items have to be treated in Dominica before they are exported, documentation must be presented to show treatment.

There is a ban on the importation of Mangoes and Guavas importation from ALL countries.

There is a temporary importation ban on palm trees.