This information is intended to assist private yachtsmen who are interested in entering Antigua and Barbuda. It outlines the customs requirements regarding yachts as they should apply to both passengers and crew. We therefore wish to solicit the cooperation of all concerned.

We know that your visit will be a pleasant one.


In Antigua there are four legal seaports of entry:

  • Deep Water Harbour
  • Heritage Quay
  • Jolly Harbour
  • English Harbour

All Foreign flagged private yachts. In order to facilitate speedy customs processing, the customs department suggests that yachtsmen fill out their clearance document online via

You must clear in within 24 hours of arrival. There are severe penalties for failing to do so. Any crew or guests should remain on the vessel until clearing in procedures are complete.

Masters wishing to exchange crew members must in the presence of an Immigration Officer, sign the said crew member(s) off one vessel and onto another with both masters taking full responsibility. Failure to do so will result in legal action. Any crew member leaving a vessel in Antigua must have a valid airline ticket departing from Antigua to a foreign destination. It is illegal to sell or otherwise dispose of an airline ticket to persons other than those who originally purchased the ticket. It is an offence to remain in Antigua and Barbuda without the consent of the immigration authorities.

In the case of crew members arriving by air or joining a vessel that is leaving for a foreign destination, a signed letter from the yacht’s captain or a local agent will be accepted in lieu of a return ticket. This documentation must be presented in advance of or at the time of the individual’s arrival at the airport.

Every vessel in Antigua and Barbuda’s waters must carry a valid cruising permit. Vessels anchored in English Harbour or Falmouth Harbour or berthed at Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua Slipway, Antigua Yacht Club Marina, Falmouth Harbour Marina and Catamaran Marina are subject to National Parks Authority fees in addition to Port Authority Fees.

Vessels clearing out of Antigua and Barbuda must depart within 24 hours of completing clearance procedures. All departing vessels will be obliged to pay harbour dues before departing. Receipts for all Port and National Parks fees must be shown even if clearing out through a different port from the original Port of Entry.

Customs Documentation Required

  • 5 copies Crew /passenger list
  • Clearance from your last port.
  • Vessel documentation such as registration etc…