The Christmas Barrel Initiative for the 2015 Christmas season begins on Tuesday 1st December, 2015 and runs until Friday January 8th, 2016.

Under this initiative, each household will be allowed to import clothing, foodstuff and toiletries for personal use in a standard size shipping barrel or an E-Container size 17.9 cubic feet, which is equivalent to a standard barrel size.

Barrels or E Containers will be free of import duty and will not attract the Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax (ABST).  However, they will be subject to an EC$10 handling fee and the 10 per cent, Revenue Recovery Charge on the value of the contents.

Items other than food, clothing and toiletries will attract the normal duties and taxes.

In order for consumers to qualify under the Christmas Barrel initiative, imported barrels or E-containers must reach the island within the time period outlined.


1. Collect Stamped Document (release/order/bill of lading) from Shipping Agent or Freight Forwarder.
2. Bring along TWO valid Government Issued IDs (Voters ID, Passport, and Driver’s License) to the Port. (1 for Port Security and the other for Customs)

3. Present stamped documents and IDs to Security at Gate #2 to obtain a Port Authority pass.

4. Take documents to Tally Clerk at Transit Shed to locate barrel.

5. Go to Senior Customs Officer (Warehouse) to collect Simplified Declaration Form. Complete lines 1 to 9 of the Form.

6. Go back to Transit Shed and wait for Officer to inspect barrel. If the barrel qualifies as a Christmas Barrel the Officer will assess the value and sign the Form.

7. Take the signed Form to the Customs Cashier (close to gate 2) and pay 10% Revenue Recovery Charge (RRC) plus $10.00 handling fee. You will be given a receipt.

8. Go to Port Authority Cashier (next to Gate 2) to get the documents stamped, and pay port charges if applicable, then proceed to Customs Manifest Clerk at far end of the warehouse for a Customs release stamp.

9. After Customs Release has been collected, exit Gate 2; proceed with Transportation to vehicular access; have your IDs and receipts on hand for final checks.

10. Collect barrel and gate pass at Transit Shed. Go to In & Out check point for supplementary inspections. Exit the Port after final delivery checks.

  • Note:
    The Christmas Barrel must arrive between 1st December 2015 – 8th January 2016
  • Exemption will be limited to one (1) Barrel, Box, or E-Container per household and shall not apply where
  • the package contains any items other than those specified.
  • Exempt items: Foodstuff, Clothing, not exceeding seven (7) pieces of the same and Toiletries.
  • Only two (2) persons allowed per shipment and must be over the age of 18.
  • Only 100 passes will be issued at a time and must be worn and displayed while on compound.