Pursuant to the accepting the the Asycuda World End User License Agreement (AW-EULA), I hereby apply for a user account of Asycuda World and to this effect I/We certify that the information being provided is true and accurate.

Section 1:

Applicant is ?

Individual Company Sole Trader

Applicant's role ?

Carrier / Carrier Agent Consolidator Broker Importer / Exporter

Government / Agency Cargo / Custodian Courier

Section 2:

Applicant's Information

Company Information

[Remove Record]

Section 3:

Technical Requirements

I/We confirm that the Personal Computer (PC), Laptop, Macbook that I use to operate the Asycuda World Application software comply with the following minimum requirements;

  • Processor: 1 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster
  • RAM: 2 Gigabyte (GB) (32-bit OS) or 3 Gigabyte (GB) (64-bit OS)
  • Hard Disk (HDD) space: 17 GB (32-bit OS) or 20 GB (64-bit OS)
  • Supported Operating Systems (OS): Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, MAC OSX, Linux (Ubuntu, Mint)
  • Internet Connection Speed (bandwidth): 1 Mbps
  • Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE): 1.7 or Higher
  • Document Printer

I/We confirm that a qualified IT person is available to perform any software installation(s) or hardware upgrade(s) required to operate the Asycuda World Application Software.

Section 4:

Asycuda World End User License Agreement


The License terms are an agreement between Customs and Excise Division and the User of the Asycuda World Application Software. They apply to the software names above. The terms also apply to any software updates, supplements, internet base services of support services for this software.

By using the software or signing this application form, you accept these terms. As described below, using the software also operates as your consent to the transmission of certain information during usage and for internet-based services.


Customs and Excise provides Internet-based services with the Asycuda World Application Software. IT may change or cancel them at anytime.


The applicant agrees to notify the controller of customs in-person or in writing, within 24 hours of any changes in the follows;

  • The Applicant no longer meet licensing or operating Role as stated in Section One (1) of the application form
  • Cease to employ all or any registered user nominated in the application form.
  • Change of any field in section two (2) of section (3) of the application form.
  • Cease to conduct business with Customs and Excise Division, of Antigua and Barbuda.

If approved as a registered user of ASYCUDA World, the applicant and any other individual/applicant listed in this application, agrees to:

  • Not provide copies of any ASYCUDA World software given for your use by The Customs and Excise Division, of Antigua and Barbuda to any third parties, whether registered or not; 

  • Keep secure, and not disclose to another person the unique User Identifier (User ID) allocated to you; 

  • Only use the unique User ID to access data in the system that is available to all registered users or is data input or pertains only to your transmissions; 

  • Notify Antigua and Barbuda Customs and Excise Division (ABCED) immediately if you suspect that the security of your User ID has in any way been compromised;
  • Notify ABCED you gain access or otherwise receive data that does not pertain to your lawful access to the system; 

  • Not falsify, damage or impair any record or information stored in the system or to damage or impair any duplicate tape or disc or other medium stored in the system;
  • Comply with any further conditions imposed by the Comptroller of Customs in relation to the security
of a unique identifier allocated to you or persons listed in this application or to any other matters related to and the use of Asycuda World. .
  • Request for password reset will be done using registered email account or in person using proper ID. 


  • All sections of this application form must be completed where applicable and all questions answered. 

  • If the applicant is a company, this form must be signed by the General Manager or another 
authorized senior executive, and duly include the official company stamp/seal.

  • Regardless of individual responsibilities, the person signing this form on behalf of a company shall also be responsible for the requirements/conditions set out for individuals listed in this application.
  • By signing this form the applicant agrees to all requirements and conditions set out in this form
and any other reasonable conditions that may be imposed by the Comptroller of Customs in respect of the registration.