Mr. Raju Boddu: Comptroller of Customs, Tel: 462-0829
responsible for:

  • Implementation of all policy decisions as the head of the administration
  • Improve legitimate trade facilitation
  • Increase revenue collection
  • Coordinate enforcement program
  • Research and Development
  • Cooperation and communication between Regional and international institutions
  • Training of Staff
  • Creating job description for key positions and all staff
  • Importer and Exporter Education
  • Information and Technology & CASE


Mrs. Yvette Jacobs : Deputy Comptroller of Operations, Tel: 562-7772
responsible for:

  • Post Clearance Verification Sections
  • Transit Sheds
  • Airport Baggage
  • Post Office


Mrs. Dawn Azille : Deputy Comptroller of Operations, Tel: 462-1241 responsible for:

  • Accounts Sections
  • liquor License
  • Human Resources and Registry
  • Approved Undertaking
  • Petroleum Monitoring Unit

Mr. Austin Greenaway : Deputy Comptroller of Enforcement, Tel: 462-2400
responsible for:

  • Enforcement (RMIU & Investigations)
  • Bonded Warehouse & Duty Free Shops
  • Duty Free Shopping Reform Implementation
  • Boarding and Outstation operations
  • Post Clearance Audit


Antigua and Barbuda Customs and Excise Management Committee

Effective 27th March 2012, the following Management Team was constituted at the Customs and Excise Department

  • Mr. Raju Boddu – Comptroller Chairman
  • Mr. Austin Greenaway – Deputy Comptroller
  • Mrs. Dawn Azille – Deputy Comptroller
  • Mrs. Yvette Jacobs – Deputy Comptroller
  • Mr. Zolton Braithwaite – Principal Inspector of Customs
  • Mrs. Dawn Azille – Principal Inspector of Customs – Secretary to the Management Committee
  • Mrs. Yvette Jacobs – Principal Inspector of Customs
  • Mr. Austin Greenaway – Principal Inspector of Customs

The Committee can invite supervisors of Accounts, IT, Post Audit, Tariff and Transit sheds depending on the need for technical and administrative consultation.

The Vice Chairman will be for a period of 6 months and the position will be rotated amongst the other members.

In the absence of the Chairman, management committee will be chaired by the Vice-Chairman.