I am delighted to extend a hearty welcome to the home page of Customs and Excise Department of Antigua and Barbuda. We have embarked upon a programme of reform to efficiently and effectively execute our mandate of securing revenues, ensuring border security, passenger and trade facilitation.


In order to execute this mandate, we have embraced a Strategic Business Plan that delineates five goals viz., Revenue Maximization, Establishment of Comprehensive Border Security Framework, Enhancement of Client Service, Improved Human Resource Management and Leveraging Information Technology to drive and sustain the reform initiative. As a part of this very plan, this website is an endeavor to establish enhanced client outreach activities and to provide better and timely information to the internal and external stakeholders. With the sole objective of providing our valued stakeholders clear and updated information, the website is designed to offer various client information services including links to customs legislations, customs tariff codes, Customs procedure codes, information bulletins on procedures, new regulations, etc.

Our objective is to maintain and update the web service and also make it more interactive to serve our clients better. It is our intention to host the ASYCUDA World application on this site when we start implementing ASYCUDA World by the year 2014. When that happens, we can assure a host of value added services to our clients that would include online entry filings, on-line payments etc.

In this era of globalization where global trade dynamics are ever changing, it is imperative for all of us to be equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to understand and navigate through complexities of the regulatory framework and rules of trade.

It is in this context, we hope that this information portal will be of immense use to you. We welcome your suggestions, constructive criticism, comments or ideas so as to embellish the information in terms of its content, clarity, relevance and ease of usage. This would help in a significant way to serve you better.

In your Service
Raju Boddu
Comptroller of Customs